There are many types security services. Private security companies are private businesses that
hire and retain private security officers to provide armed and non-armed protection. These
services include roving patrols, bodyguards, and guard dog services. Pinkertons founder Edward
Rucker is considered the father of private security. He was the only American detective who was
consistently good for 50 years. Your needs and your budget will determine the type of security
service that you need.
Residential security guards are typically located at residential properties and are responsible for
protecting residents. They are not armed, but they monitor the surrounding for suspicious
activity. These guards are essential to maintaining order at large gatherings, which are often
attended by large numbers of people. They can be visible and help protect property or prevent
crime. Although they may not be armed in any way, they can help increase property value. They
work in conjunction with other security guards to ensure that your property is safe.
Private security companies hire security guards and assign them full responsibility. They will not
allow anyone to enter your premises unless they have an appointment and proof of identity.
Many establishments require security services. These include hospitals, schools as well large
societies, banks, hotel chains, and airports. Many of these companies have employees who are
trained in surveillance. They monitor your property and make evaluations of the video footage.
While some guards may have weapons, most of them are not.
Event security guards represent the most common type. These professionals are responsible for
controlling traffic and preventing unruly behavior from crowds. These security guards could also
work at other events like fairs, concerts, and sports. There are many other types, such as private
investigators and professionals, who can be hired as security guards. They should be capable of
handling a variety of situations so that you can find the best security guard for you.
Private security guards offer many benefits to customers, employees, and business owners.
They can act as a deterrent against criminals by identifying suspicious behavior and taking steps
before it escalates into an issue. Armed security officers can also alert criminals so they avoid a

specific area. Armed security guards can also be used to help law enforcement solve criminal
cases. A private security guard might be the best and most cost-effective option to protect your
assets or property.
Unarmed security officers are also a common type of security service. These officers don’t have
weapons but can use pepper spray, batons or other methods to restrain troubled people. Armed
security officers may carry guns and use deadly force when necessary. These guards can be
seen at entry points, schools, and in retail settings. They are rarely undercover. When hiring a
security company, make sure you ask about their uniforms, training, and other details.
Both retail and corporate locations require security personnel to be present at all times. Security
officers at corporate sites manage entry and exit. Their duties include monitoring security
cameras and deterring theft. Warehouse security guards are responsible for protecting inventory
and preventing thefts. They are not required to have any special training. They are available 24
hour a day and can work shifts. The owners and employees can feel secure knowing that there is
a security guard to protect them.