There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing an air conditioner. An older unit is less
efficient than a newer model, and technology has improved significantly since its installation. The
efficiency standards for newer units are higher, and older units will not be able to meet them.
Due to dirt, dirt, and wear, older air conditioners will run less efficiently. Regular maintenance is
important for maximizing your air conditioner’s efficiency.
The ENERGY STAR(r) label is an excellent place to start when looking for a new air conditioning
system. An ENERGY STAR (r) certification signifies that the unit has been tested and proven
more efficient than its counterparts. The label will show you how much power it uses during
cooling or heating cycles and whether it is operating at full capacity. These two metrics will help
you select the right air conditioning system for your home.
When purchasing an air conditioner, consider the size and weight of the room it will be cooling.
An air conditioner too small will need to run continuously to maintain a consistent room

An air conditioner too large will turn on and off in spurts, putting unnecessary stress
on the compressor. This can cause problems. Make sure you choose an air conditioner with a
cooling power that is equal to the square footage of your room. This can be done by measuring
the BTU rating.
The efficiency of the air conditioner will also determine its size. It should be replaced if it is more
than ten years old. An air conditioner that has a SEER rating greater than 8.0 is twice the
efficient than one that is older than ten years. The energy efficiency ratio, or EER, measures
how much cooling an air conditioner can produce per unit of electricity. An air conditioner that
has a higher EER value will have lower energy consumption, and should be able to pay for itself
with lower utility bills. You’ll also enjoy warranty protection and increased reliability with your new
air conditioner system.
There are two main types of window air conditioners: wall units or floor-mounted units. These
units are easier to install and take up less space. Window air conditioners are easy to move from
one room to the next and are also easier to relocate. Window units are generally less expensive
than their counterparts, but they can have a greater efficiency. When purchasing a window air
conditioner, check whether it is ducted or unvented. It is important that there are no walls or
furniture in the room, as this can affect the air conditioner’s efficiency.
For new air conditioning systems, the minimum SEER rating is thirteen for north and fourteen
south. High efficiency air conditioners have a minimum SEER rating of twenty-five, while the
SEER of 25 or more is the highest. Older air conditioners with SEERs less than ten can still be
legally operated, but are more likely than 13 to be operational. If you’re looking to buy a new air
conditioner, you’ll want to get a higher SEER rating.
The most important factor in determining which type of air conditioner is right for your needs is
sizing. Too small or too big will make your home too hot, or too cold. It will also work overtime to
maintain the right temperature. Sizing is the single most important factor in air conditioner
efficiency. You can have your unit turned on or off by using digital displays. Central air systems
often have more features.
If you’re looking to save money, an energy-efficient AC conditioner is a good investment. New

window air conditioners come equipped with an EnerGuide Label that informs consumers how
energy-efficient a particular model uses. The EnerGuide labels also show how energy-efficient
each model is compared to other models. When looking for an air conditioner, ensure you
choose an energy-efficient model with an ENERGY STAR certification.
Ask a friend, family member or acquaintance who has one to help you decide which air
conditioner is right for you. Ask them what they recommend and make sure to read online
reviews! You might even meet a new friend. Air conditioners are essential to a comfortable
environment. Despite the many advantages, air conditioning is still relatively new, and it’s
important to look for energy-efficient models so that your cooling costs stay within your budget.